An Investment Boutique Specializing in the Design, Development, and Promotion of Innovative and Eco-Friendly Business Parks and Logistics Properties

Confident Through Experience, Pioneering With Methodology, Leading byExpertise

Threefold Expertise United by a Shared Vision

For hcp group, shaping the future means not only creating value and conserving resources but also embracing modern technologies, fostering eco-friendly practices, and prioritizing human needs.

Operating as a full-service entity, hcp group GmbH initiates, plans, and develops individual properties, projects, and business parks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries. Building on the expertise and experience of the entire team, hcp group has evolved into a recognized and successful specialist for future-oriented industrial, commercial, and logistics properties.

The group is a partner to investors, cities, and municipalities for the development of climate-neutral, modern working environments and sustainable economic development. hcp group is organized into three divisions: hcp industrial, hcp solar, and hcp advisor.


Trailblazing Commercial Real Estate

hcp industrial develops projects through independent subsidiaries, focusing predominantly on 24/7 commercial zones that blend business parks with logistics.

Through meticulous location selection and a proactive grasp of future trends, hcp industrial creates properties distinguished by their adaptability and functional excellence. Our aim is to develop properties that combine economic performance with long-term planning security.

Integrated Location Concepts

Innovative projects at strategic locations serving as catalysts for both regional and broader growth. As a partner to investors, cities, and municipalities, we contribute to regional development.


Greener, happier, more productive

hcp solar is a leader in designing, developing, and executing forward-thinking solar energy projects for business parks and logistics properties.

Our team of seasoned experts in solar energy, ESG, and investments ensures the realization of a future-proof, comprehensive, yet tailored energy strategy.

Together, we embrace the future, committing to the efficient, transparent, and dependable creation of industrial, commercial, and logistics properties that are sustainable, ecologically sound, and socially responsible.

Visionary Planning

Our projects are a testament to our commitment to building sustainable infrastructures that cater to diverse commercial needs while prioritizing carbon neutrality.


Strategic Consulting for the Real Estate Sector

hcp advisor leverages our specialized expertise for select partners, guiding their development projects in harmony with the overarching mission of the hcp group.

Our extensive experience affords us the capability to deliver all-encompassing support for intricate development ventures. From securing building permits to crafting a sustainable real estate strategy, we ensure that every decision is grounded in robust data and visionary planning.

Customized Innovation - our methodology is innovative and tailored, devised to fulfill the unique requirements and ambitions of each client, paving the way for a future that is both sustainable and lucrative.

Insight and Precision

Armed with a nuanced comprehension of market dynamics, we provide clear insights and strategic guidance, meticulously aligned with our clients' objectives.


Shaping the future together - how to contact us

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